Yardley Inn and Spa
© harrv
Manti Mormon Temple
© Solomon Sampson
Manti Temple from West
© Anton Jensen
Manti Barn
© LSessions
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Manti Stores
© LSessions
Manti LDS Temple UT
© mbkitchen
Manti, Utah, temple
© violinmaker
Rex plowing snow
© SPDean
Manti Temple in springtime
© Rico Bird
Old Shed at the Historic Anders Christensen Homestead
© Kerk Phillips - 高弼立
Sanpete Valley from the Mouth of Axehandle Canyon
© Kerk Phillips - 高弼立
Manti-LaSal NF boundary sign at Manti Canyon
© Ralph Maughan
Fourth of July Fireworks
© Sam Penrod
Somewhere in Utah
© AndreWendt
Somewhere in Utah
© AndreWendt
ATV Speed limit in Manti, Ut
© wwomble
Manti Temple from the hills
© wwomble
fire sunset
© wwomble
People are dying to come to the sale
© Santabear
Cemetery and Manti LDS Temple
© WindRiverHiker
Rainbow over Sanpete Valley
© strongbad_reggie
Sunset in Manti.
© Sam. Penrod
been sittin for awhile?
© totm
Templo de Manti
© Eber Beck
Manti Temple, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
© goldnberyl
Templo de Manti
© Eber Beck
Bright Spot [2004]
© RWBlack
San Pitch Skyline view of Juab County
© strongbad_reggie
View of Mt. Nebo from San Pitch Skyline
© strongbad_reggie
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