Sierra Grande from Hwy 87
© Bill Gorman
Near Walsenburg
© hakkun
They paint the Jersey barriers in New Mexico. Just past the P.O.E., on I-25
© Mike McDonald
Sierra Grande in between Clayton and Raton NM
© BudinOK
Привет, есть красивые фотографии города Лас-Анимас ?

I-25 (northbound) in Colorado between exits 23 and 27
© Idawriter
George Bent lived outside the walls in a tipi with his mother - Feb 2006
© MaxFarrar
Spanish Peaks from the campground
© Paul Gana
© roberteburke
El Portal Hotel
© htabor
Capulin Volcano National Monument
© htabor
Raton Pass looking north into Colorado
© Idawriter
Highway Into Folsom
© Madjag
Cokedale Coke Ovens
© latitude39
View of Horseshoe Crater & the town of Capulin from Mt. Capulin, New Mexico
© Todd Stradford
Huerfano Butte from the Interstate
© Idawriter
Near Pueblo, Colorado
© BeckyPatlan
Near Trinidad
© BeckyPatlan
Crow Creek Ranch
© Vasily Vlasov
Raton, New Mexico
© Idawriter
© Blake of the Bluffs
Rocky Ford, Colorado
© theirish
Burned out Vroman School, Vroman Colorado
© theirish
Fowler Colorado
© theirish
Rural Colorado
© theirish
La Junta Mill and Elev Co
© BoulderTraveler
Steam Tractor, Rocky Ford, Colorado
© BoulderTraveler
Denver-Albuquerque repülőútról...
© katlin
© liz98
View of Raton-Clayton Volcanic Field from near Capulin Volcano
© ArdenZ
© Patch2402
Dinosaur Tracks
© Patch2402
Folsom Hotel in Folsom, NM
© ArdenZ
JFK Memorial Hwy...
© h.maiwald (germany)
Main Street in Trinidad, Colorado
© ForwardLook
Garden of the Gods Ranch, near Kim, Colorado
© htabor
Abandoned Electric Plant
© Tim Roberts Photography
Sunset from Trinidad Lake
© Hobbes7714
John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway
© adoverboy2
the Purgatoire River in Weston Colorado
© adoverboy2
the old Santa Clara mining town in Colorado
© adoverboy2
abandoned adobe homestead
© adoverboy2
Fall in the Great Dikes of the Spanish Peaks
© adoverboy2
Clayton Dinosaur Trackway, Clayton Lake State Park, New Mexico
© J.gumby.BOURRET
Corner State Route 455 and Lake Road, Clayton, New Mexico
© J.gumby.BOURRET
Grenville, New Mexico
© J.gumby.BOURRET
Des Moines, New Mexico
© J.gumby.BOURRET
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