Фотографии Саут-Роксана

Chemetco plant
© matneym
Hartford Wood River Terminal
© matneym
Confluence Tower
© matneym
© Dave Rudloff
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Route 66 - Illinois - Chouteau...
© Pierre Marc
© ╰☆❤JossetteD❤☆╮
Fall colors on the MCT Nature...
© Dave Rudloff
Chain of Rocks Bridge road
© DieselDucy
Old Chain of Rocks Canal Highw...
© Ben_Tate
Bald Eagle Taking Off
© Jesse *
Missouri Mississippi Confluenc...
© Maggie
missisipi river near wood rive...
© s.vaidhinathan
Mississippi River
© Stan24
3101 Edgewood Avenue
© Gene Allensworth
Route 66 Illinois
© Mark Weber
The Arch from Illinois
© Mark Weber
© sparky-ams
Route 66 Drive-in Movie
© Mark Weber
Roxana Refinery at Night
© mnolte
Bethalto City Hall
© brentmadison
Sign at north end of Chouteau...
© tomismyname
View from 17th Green at Spence...
© ajjacoby1
Mrs. Siebolds (former) Bakery
© L.Lawhead
Twin Oaks Gas
© BlitheringSteve
The Confluence Trail, Lewis an...
© Mike Hahn
Cougar Lake after an ice storm
© R McKoon
Old Gas Station Along Rt. 66,...
© L.Lawhead
F-4 Phantom Fighter, Alton-St....
© Raygun Mike
Bel Air Motel
© JohnMcClaine
Entrance to Edward "Ted" and P...
© L.Lawhead
The Gate
© Dave Rudloff
© Dave Rudloff
Looking west on I270 from I255
© Dave Rudloff
MCT Watershed Trail
© Dave Rudloff
Sunset Hills Estates Memorial...
© Dave Rudloff
College Avenue from Amtrak
© Bohao Zhao
© matneym
Mct Nature Trail
© Dave Rudloff
Memorial Walking Path SIUE Cam...
© Dave Rudloff
The Mississippi River Festival...
© Dave Rudloff
St.Louis, confluence of the Mi...
© by niro
© Jesse *
Farming in the Columbia Bottom...
© matneym
Oil Refinery
© Jesse *
Engineering Building SIUE Camp...
© Dave Rudloff
Bridge over Cahokia creek, MCT...
© Dave Rudloff
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