Red tree by the tunnel
© DeEtte Fisher
"Carnegie Center" Oregon City
© DeEtte Fisher
retirement villa
© doalbeck
Duck pond, Oregon City, OR
© knolff
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Molalla Ave.
© netadmin
Clackamas County Red Soils Plaza
© elizabetsy25
Clackamas County Red Soils-Central Utility Plant Screen Wall Detail
© elizabetsy25
Dye Learning Center
© andreacsav
Overlook in Oregon City
© nstewart503
North American Domesticated Dachshund Crosses the Road
© bossloco
Eastborne Dr. & Chippendale Ln
© Fabiham
Old Blue Heron Mill at Willamette Falls, OC Oregon
© marcopdx
"It is not good to let yourself be carried away by dreams and forget to live, remember.~~No es bueno dejarse arrastrar por los sueños y olvidarse de vivir, recuérdalo.~~Non è bene lasciarsi trasportare dai sogni e dimenticare vivere, ricordare."(JK Rowlin
© ╰☆❤JossetteD❤☆╮
Gira il mondo ,gira. A fantastic day in Oregon City,USA
© ╰☆❤JossetteD❤☆╮
The Falls and Mt. Hood
© David Frost
Plaque to Edwin Markham at Oregon City library.
© PDXccentric Guidebook
Hippocamp a fabulous fish-tailed horse. The ancients believed they were the adult-form of the fish we call the "sea-horse". Poseidon drove a chariot drawn by two or four of the beasts.
© PDXccentric Guidebook
"“Success is most often achieved by those who dont know that failure is inevitable.” (Coco Channel).Oregon City,OR,USA
© ╰☆❤JossetteD❤☆╮
© farcorners
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